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Performance Management

We develop tailored approaches and evaluation criteria to improve organizational performance in support of strategic objectives, management goals, personnel performance incentives, customer satisfaction, and overall effectiveness. Our focus is on developing a full range of meaningful performance measures. Esteli develops performance management services that deliver the information needed for effective organizational decision making.

  • Design, align, and integrate performance measures into business processes

  • Link performance measures to strategic direction

  • Enhance the organization’s ability to continuously learn

Strategic Planning

We partner with our clients to develop mission-focused recommendations and action plans achievable in our clients' unique operating environments, where any initiatives must be in keeping with cultural realities.

  • Develop and implement strategies that are attainable and measurable within fiscal constraints and timelines

  • Ensure alignment between organizational initiatives and strategic plans

  • Lay the foundation for a repeatable strategic planning process that continually builds on previous organizational progress

Business Analytics

Esteli Consultancy possesses the experience and quantitative expertise necessary to analyze complexity in dynamic environments. Our consultants take a disciplined approach to making sense of the data that truly matter to improving performance.

  • Determine which data may be needed for decision making

  • Assess the adequacy of existing datasets against determined needs

  • Develop rigorous approaches for collecting other necessary data

  • Apply appropriate methods to quantify and derive insights from data

  • Use insights to make action-oriented recommendations

Strategic Communcations

Esteli provides a comprehensive suite of organizational strategic communication services, ranging from the conceptualization and development of plans, to the creation of tools and design of methodologies to measure effectiveness. 

  • Esteli takes a rigorous, research-based approach to communications, ensuring that the organization garners a thorough understanding of its stakeholders and the best way to engage them prior to the launch of any communications initiative.

  • Esteli also seeks to assist clients in institutionalizing communications capabilities as they mature, integrating them into the strategic planning process and key organizational functions.


Esteli provides specialized customer-focused advisory services in management consulting, commercial business operations, and small business start up.

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