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Currently Hiring For:

Business Operations, Strategy, and Analytics Consultant (ongoing need)

Esteli LLC is a performance management and strategy consulting firm. Esteli LLC applies innovative methodologies and commercial best practices in helping national security customers solve complex management and operational issues, attain enhanced performance, and achieve ambitious goals.

Esteli LLC is looking for a Business Operations consultant to support our Performance Management and Strategy practice within the USG Intelligence Community. 
The ideal candidate would have experience with a wide variety of business operations elements, from strategy formulation and implementation and KPI development, to resource management and financial execution.  Sample relevant business operations experience includes:

Business Analytics and Performance Management

  • Business Process and Business Coordination Support

    • Portfolio and program advisory assistance to leadership and management teams

    • Developing and monitoring of strategic plans and implementation plans

    • Developing and implementing program management processes; including requirements, resources, schedules, and risk management.

    • Supporting communication efforts with other business management units and stakeholders

    • Participating and assisting high-level program reviews

  • Business Analytics and Metrics Support

    • Developing data visualization reports based on metrics definitions

    • Providing assistance for capture of data management

    • Developing and communicating operation and business metrics

    • Qualitative and quantitative metrics development for leadership support

  • Business Process Support

    • Developing and improvement of governance, workflows, communications, and other business processes to improve coordination

  • Resource management support

    • Supporting programmatic and financial requirements related to program execution

    • Managing financial accounts and cash flows; monitor anticipated resource requirements and expenditures

    • Capturing financial relationships and external stakeholders

    • Working with management at multiple levels on financial execution for current year, as well as financial activity related to out year strategic planning.

An effective candidate would possess the ability to think creatively
when searching for unique solutions to our customers' most pressing
challenges, lead any associated research or data collection effort,
perform data analysis, and effectively present the findings and
recommendations to senior leaders within the Intelligence Community.

Prior experience in commercial or government consulting is a plus.
The ideal candidate would possess an MBA as well as relevant certifications such as the PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications.

Interested candidates can submit their resume and contact Esteli through the contact page.

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